Pay it Forward promotes Pay It Forward activities by tracking Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) through the passing of PIFcards


PIFcards are similar to the size and shape of credit cards with a unique 16-digit number

The first 4-digits of each PIFcard represents the Chapter

You can start a Chapter in your area by clicking on “Create a Chapter” under the “Members” tab

This website tracks each PIFcard’s journey and the story behind each Random Act of Kindness



PIFcards are passed when the holder of a card performs a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger. The PIFcard is only presented to the stranger if they are willing to perform the following 4-steps (printed on the back of each PIFcard):

    1) Create an Account at

    2) Complete the “Write Your Story” form on the website

         (describing how you received this card)

    3) Perform safe Random Acts of Kindness for strangers

    4) Only pass this card to a stranger willing to follow these 4-steps

“Received a Card?”

(Instructions can be found under HERE)



Studies have shown that doing a good deed for someone raises the endorphin levels in the giver’s brain, which provides them with a feeling of exhilaration

Studies have also shown that a similar rise in endorphin levels occur in the brain of the person receiving that good deed

AND, the same rise in endorphin levels can be found in the brains of those who are just witnessing a Random Act of Kindness!!!

So Much Good with Just One Random Act of Kindness


*** WARNING ***

Potential Side-Effect of Holding a PIFcard

You may become aware of some changes in your perception while you are looking for those safe opportunities to perform a Random Act of Kindness. Even though nothing around you has really changed, you might start noticing opportunities that you never saw before…

Its kind of like buying a new car

Has this ever happened to you? After you purchase a new car you start noticing that model out on the road… everywhere!!! Where did they come from, and were they there before? Of course they were, but you’re now more aware because you are now attuned to seeing them

Once you are attuned to look for safe opportunities to perform Random Acts of Kindness, you will see them all around you, in everyday life


I wish I didn’t have to write this but I feel compelled to do so…

There are those out there that take advantage of people and would even prey on those who are willing to do acts of kindness for strangers

Please be aware of this potential issue while looking for opportunities to perform your Random Acts of Kindness

Be careful and safe, but ENJOY… this is suppose to be FUN!!!


♥♥♥ Help Us Change The World ♥♥♥

One Random Act of Kindness at a Time