You Received A Card – A Random Act of Kindness

Pay it Forward – Changing the World, One Random Act of Kindness at a Time

Congratulations on being a part of this movement,

Changing the World,

One Random Act of Kindness at a Time


Now that you have a PIF (pay it forward) card its time to create an account and write your story


  1. Create a Free Account (All information will be protected and only used to notify you of PIFcard activity)

    Click Here to Create a New Account

    The account you create will be verified and an email sent to the email address you specified with a temporary password. Please make sure you check both your INBOX and your SPAM folders for the account activation email. Once you activate your account the next step will be to describe the Random Act of Kindness you received…

  2. Fill out the “Write Your Story” form (link at bottom of this page) and describe how you received your PIFcard – (The Random Act of Kindness you received)

Once you have written your story, the previous holder of this particular card will be notified and will be prompted to verify your story. Once verified, your story will be posted as part of this PIFcard series


Your next responsibility will be to look for safe opportunities to perform a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger. You will pass your PIFcard to this stranger only if THEY find value in the Random Act of Kindness they received, and they offer you an appreciation reward.

  • If this should occur, take out your PIFcard and explain it’s purpose, offer it as your reward, and let them read the back

  • If they agree to the terms on the back card, the 4-steps, then it is time to relinquish your PIFcard to this stranger

  • If they do not offer you an appreciation reward (or they cannot perform the 4-steps), then keep the PIFcard and search for another opportunity to perform a Random Act of Kindness

You might perform several Random Acts of Kindness before you find that special person that is willing to take on the responsibility of being a PIFcard holder


Once you pass on your PIFcard be prepared to get an email requesting that you verify the new PIFcard holder’s story

You can login at anytime and track and your PIFcard’s progress. You can see where it has gone and read each Random Act of Kindness story…

Remember, without your Random Act of Kindness, and passing your PIFcard to a stranger, none of the following Random Acts of Kindness would have occurred



“What can you do after you give away your PIFcard?”

Well, if you would like to start your own PIFcard series, go to the “Donations” under the “Members” tab and you will find several options

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Thank you for being a Member of PIFpeople!

Changing the World, One Random Act of Kindness at a Time.


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Pay it Forward – Random Act of Kindness